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Want to maximize the life span of your Mirage Retractable Screen?

You can have years of trouble free enjoyment of your screen by following our maintenance and care recommendations.

Visibility Decals:A decal helps keep the screen more visible and prevents the screen door from being accidentally walked into when in use.  Leave this decal in place until your family becomes used to the screen. Introduce your pets to the screen door and train them to respect it, as you would any other household fixture. Ask our installation technician for a Visibility Decal.

Retract when not in use: This will keep the screen from being damaged from the elements and help keep it clean.Your Mirage screen door is designed to be stored away in its protective housing, at the side of the door, when not in use.

Windy Conditions: While the screen does work well in a moderate breeze, strong wind gusts may blow the mesh out of the top and bottom tracks causing undue wear that is not covered by warranty. To avoid possible damage it is highly recommended that whenever the wind ‘picks up’, the screen door is stored away, as you would do with other items such as patio sun umbrellas.
Please Note: Combinations of screen door mesh fabric, fabric production lot, unit size, location and wind conditions may cause variations in the screen fabric's appearance and smoothness of extension and retraction of the unit.
Security:  We caution that the Mirage Retractable Screen was not designed to be a security product. It will not keep out intruders, nor will it keep children or pets inside.

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