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Retractable Screen Solutions

Retractable Screen Solutions

 Soft Closer-        A soft closer, or speed reducer allows the retractable screen to close slowly if you release the handle while opening the screen.    They are installed internally and cannot be seen.  As you can see 4 manufacturers provide a slow closing device with their doors.   

          Benefits: Screen doors close much slower and won't "Slam shut"


Maintenance:  Yes, with any of these 3 manufacturers it is imperative that the tracks are regularly cleaned and lubricated. 

Most homeowners can perform these cleaning steps themselves.    


Caution: The Mirage Retractable and Phantom Retractable Screen doors are easy doors to clean because they do not have a backer on the housing; the Clear View Retractable has a backer on the door housing which traps debris inside the housing and blocks access for a basic cleaning.  This will require service calls to remove, take apart, clean out and reinstall door all at additional cost to the homeowner.

Summary:  Having a soft closer on your retractable screen is a nice feature, but expect to clean out these tracks regularly to keep them  running smoothly.

5 Stage Powder Coat-  Powder Coating is mainly used to the coating of metals.  The most common way of applying the powder coating to metal objects is to spray the powder using an electrostatic gun.  Our 5 stage powder coat process exceeds paint industry standards.  AAMA 2604 paint standards (one of the toughest standards in the paint industry).  Our retractable screen door color finishes are especially formulated to resist UV rays and salt spray and we feel is an essential part  of our retractable screen door manufacturing in order to ensure that the paint properly adheres to all aluminum retractable screen door parts and that our screen door products live up to our Mirage Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

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Super Magnet-  Mirage uses an extra strength magnet on all its doors to ensure against an accidental opening of the door. It is stainless steel so rust never becomes an issue.

Teflon Guides- These guides play a significant role on all  brands of retractable screen doors on the market.  Our competitors screens are using either plastic or metal molded guides.  Our  guides are made with teflon which allow the screen to glide slowly and quietly across the door opening. Less resistence means quieter and longer lasting. 


Brake System -  Only one manufacturer offers a brake system which prevents the screen door from moving once the handle is released.  Although this product is highly reliable it does come with a much higher price tag.  Primarily used with large openings up to 10' tall and up to 20' wide.

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