frequently asked questions for door and window screens


What is a Retractable Screen and how does it work?

Do Mirage Retractable Screens work on any door?

Yes! We can custom fit any type of door or door opening including in-swing and out-swing doors.  You will be glad to know that Mirage Screens also work on French (double) doors as well as sliding glass patio doors. We can custom install your new Mirage retractable screen door up to 9 feet high and up to 4 feet wide.

What happens when someone walks into the screen?

The aesthetic benefit to a retractable screen is the fact that the door is hardly noticed when in use.  At times this means a guest may not be aware of its presence and walk into it. If this happens follow these instructions to get it tracking properly again.  If hit hard enough the mesh may pull away from the roller tube. To eliminate future walk throughs of this type consider applying a decorative decal to the screen mesh so that it will be noticed.  See the Palm Tree decal above left.

Do Mirage Retractable Screen Doors require cleaning and maintenance?

Everything requires some maintenance. Fortunately the Mirage Retractable Screen Doors require minimal Maintenance to keep them running smoothly.  Follow these simple cleaning instructions.  Ask about our annual cleaning if you would like to schedule this service to be performed by one of our technicians.

Does the Retractable Screen Door stay closed when a pet or person brushes up against it?

Yes! With our secure super magnet latch system that is 3 times stronger than our competitors latches, you can be sure that the Mirage door will stay closed. 

Will a Mirage Retractable Screen Door slam shut?

Mirage offers an optional slowclosing device which is installed internally on our screens which closes the door slowly if you should let go of the handle.  It is very important that the tracks on the doors installed with slow closers be regularly cleaned because obstructions will keep it from closing on its own.  See our cleaning process that will keep your doors running smoothly.

Will the Retractable Screen keep my pet from getting out?

No. Retractable screens are not a security device.  They will not keep out intruders, nor will they keep children or pets inside.  For these type of needs you may want to consider a security door or swinging Screen door that locks.

Can I replace my sliding patio door with a mirage retractable Screen?

Most definately!  This is a popular alternative to rickety patio screen doors.  The Mirage retractable screen is installed on the stationary panel in the center of the door.  

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